About Us

Since the mid-1930s, our company has undergone various iterations, changing names, ownership, and locations—emerging into the beverage industry following the repeal of prohibition in Idaho. In 1970, John Hayden assumed the helm of a recently acquired Olympia distributorship (Boise Sales Co.). John bought the business in 1976 and renamed it Hayden Beverage Company.

Under the umbrella of HBC, we operate two corporations: Boise Sales Co. and RNDC of Idaho. Boise Sales Co. manages assets excluding non-wine brands and inventory, oversees all sales, operations, and admin functions, and employs Hayden Beverage staff. RNDC is a partnership between national wine & spirits distributor, Republic National Distributing Company, and the Hayden family, holding wine and low-proof cocktail distribution rights and inventories.

From 1970 to 2006, John Hayden owned Hayden Beverage, with joint ownership and leadership by John and Dodds Hayden from 1997 to 2006. After John’s passing in 2006, Dodds purchased all company shares and is the sole owner and CEO of Boise Sales Company. In 2008, Dodds strategically separated the wine business into a distinct LLC, forming the partnership with RNDC, where Dodds holds the position of president and minority shareholder. This provided the engine to provide statewide Idaho coverage and eventually enter Montana. We are believer in partnerships and strategic acquisitions. Over the past two decades, we have joined not only with Young’s Market Company and RNDC, but also Alert Distributing, Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters, Tastevin Wines, and S&C Wines and Imports.

All crucial functions—accounting, ordering, reporting, and administration—are centralized in our Boise, Idaho office. Sales management is coordinated from Boise, while market programming and execution are handled by offices in Boise, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, Post Falls (Coeur D’Alene), Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. The majority of our orders are processed, picked, and shipped from our Boise and Post Falls distribution centers within Idaho and Butte within Montana. We have satellite warehouses in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Twin Falls, McCall, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls within Idaho, and Belgrade, Missoula, Great Falls, and Billings within Montana. A core function of our satellite warehouses is to strategically stock inventory to meet immediate customer service needs, especially for on-premise orders.